Principal's Desk

Dear Staff, Parents and Learners

Friday, 23 June saw the closure of the school for our learners, teachers and administrative staff, a well-deserved break. Our maintenance and housekeeping staff too will enjoy a short break mid-week during the three weeks. Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries for the next term. But, some academic staff will be back at school to provide a much-needed Matric Revision Programme to not only our learners but any other learner who applied. This all happens under the banner of our Continuing Education Programme, run by Mrs K Miles and assisted by Mrs E Nyoni. 

Whilst most schools see learner numbers dwindle in the last week of the term, a large number of our learners attended school as lessons continued and thereafter followed some fun interactive activities. Most notably on the last day of Term 2 Ms Booysen and her team of teachers took the Grade 8 and 9 learners on a walk along the Constantia Greenbelt. A new experience for some and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Some seniors even opted to go along. Already a request has been made for a repeat of the excursion. 

Seniors had various activities happening at school with matrics showcasing their karaoke talents whilst in the care of their Grade Coordinator Ms O’Connor, Grade 11’s in the care of Mrs Murphy excitedly started planning their matric jacket and the Grade 9 and 10 learners joined a Leadership Programme which continued well into the evening. Here I wish to acknowledge Mrs Horak (sadly she departed us on Friday for Reddam Constantia) who planned the day alongside Ms Mamhende and Mr Ocktober. But notably, my thanks go to Mr Van Harte who takes over the reins from Mrs Horak as Grade 9 Co-ordinator, who remained until the very end with Mr Lekay, only wrapping up after 7 pm. Such is the commitment of the BHS staff.

Staff and learners continued with sports and cultural commitments through the month of June, come rain or shine. The Grade 11 learners had a very successful fundraising event at the Baxter Theatre. Mrs Vossgatter accepted an invitation to showcase the talents of her dance learners. The Music Department alongside Mrs Hannibal and Mr Bates took some of their learners to the Artscape where they were given an opportunity to perform, clearly highly in demand.

So many learners and some staff, as can be seen by the many posts Mrs Warne in the Marketing Department updates on Facebook have participated in a range of activities outside of school. We are tremendously proud to claim them as members of the BHS Family.

Parents and guardians, our learners and your children are now totally in your care for the next 3 weeks. Do know where they are spending their time and with whom? Life today presents so many challenges and unhealthy distractions, despite your and our best intentions to keep them safe.

Do also set aside time to discuss your child’s June results with them. While some have excelled or made wonderful improvements since Term 1, others need to give their academics serious attention during the holiday period.