Fee Exemption

Applications for exemptions should be made each year – there is no carry-over from the previous year. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence, but are only considered if there is full disclosure. Once forms are completed and returned a one-on-one interview may be arranged.

The Governing Body has adopted a realistic approach to those parents/legal guardians who cannot afford to pay the full amount.  A copy of the prescribed application form for reduced fees must be obtained from the Finance Manager and must be completed and returned to the Finance Manager by 28 February each year.  The application must be properly motivated, and must provide authentic documentation proving the gross family income before tax.  Any applicant for reduced fees will also be asked to indicate in what ways they could serve the school in lieu of any fee reduction that might be granted.

There may be some of you who find that, though you may technically qualify for a rebate, in actual fact you are in a position to meet your fee obligations. If you fall into this category we direct a special plea to you, in that you look to your moral responsibility rather than simply demanding your legal right, and continue to pay your way. In this way – and only in this way – will the school be able to continue to offer what you have come to expect for your child.  We do expect all parents/legal guardians who receive an exemption, to contribute financially in some way.