Past Pupils

Past Pupil VDF donations

Calling all Past Pupils of Bergvliet High School. Mr. Price has issued a clarion call to all former pupils who are able to help the school to do so by donating to the Voluntary Donation Fund. You can read all the details and reasoning behind this appeal in Mr. Price’s letter, available here

Visit the Past Pupils Facebook page for up to date news

To all Past Pupils: please visit the official Past Pupils Facebook page to see the latest news and happenings from your Alma Mater. You DO NOT need to have a Facebook account to view the page, it is freely viewable to everyone. However, if you wish to share a photo, comment or connect with other Past Pupils, you will need to log in to do so.

Buy a brick

Be remembered for ever more. Buy a brick for R300 and have your name and the years you attended Bergvliet High School up in the Pavilion alongside, many other past pupils. For more information, contact