Admission Process

Grade 08

Applications for Grade 7 learners for Grade 8 2022 at Bergvliet High School will be made available at our Grade 8 Open Day presentations or downloaded from Admissions (drop down bar on the top of the home page) on the school website.

Grades 09 - 11

Applications for Grades 9 to 11 2021 are made available on request as the possibility of a space becoming available can only be established during Term 4. Parents will be notified towards the end of Term 4 whether they have been successful.

Applications for the current year are subject to available space in the Grade required.

Other Info

Applicants from outside the Cape Town Metropole – Only if you are applying from afar may you request an electronic version of the application form from us on note: We do require the original application and certified documentation to be mailed or couriered to us by the closing date in order for the application to be processed. Once processed, a receipt number will be issued to you.

Applicants within the Cape Town Metropole – You are required to collect your application form and submit it in person as we do not send or accept faxed or e-mailed application forms and are required to issue you a receipt.

Please note: Applications will not be processed without provision of all of the requested documentation and in the case of a divorce, irrespective of the divorce agreement both natural parents will be held responsible for the fees in terms of the S.A. Schools Act. Therefore, the application form must be signed by both natural parents or legal guardians and the person responsible for payment of school fees if not a natural parent/legal guardian.