Admission Criteria

Bergvliet High School sees itself as a community school, situated within a residential area and interacting with its community on many levels and in many ways. Those for whom this is the nearest high school to their home have a reasonable expectation that their children will be accepted, and the Education Department has endorsed this criterion in practice. In the first instance, therefore, preference will be given to applicants in this category.

Bergvliet High School consistently receives far more applications for admission to Grade 8 than the school can accommodate. The total capacity of the school has been established at 1000. We believe that the demand for places is motivated to a very significant degree by the high standards that are achieved by our students in many spheres of activity but particularly in their academic results. This school is committed not only to maintaining high standards in education but also to improving those standards and striving for excellence. While all students are encouraged to realise their potential, the achievers are the ones who affirm the standards of excellence. At the level of the second criterion, therefore, if any vacancies remain after applicants fulfilling the first criterion have been accepted, merit will be an important consideration. At this level, furthermore, a proved aptitude for Music or Art will be favourably considered, as these specialities at Bergvliet High need to be nurtured.

No primary school is an automatic “feeder” to Bergvliet High School. Any applicant has to qualify in terms of the criteria of this admission policy. Given the history of our country, however, it is appropriate to give special consideration at the levels of the second and third criteria to applicants from previously disadvantaged communities. No pupil will be refused admission to Bergvliet High School on grounds of race, religious belief or financial circumstances.

A condition of acceptance is that both parents and learners must read and sign an acknowledgment that they have understood and agree to support and abide by the school’s Code of Conduct as approved by the Governing Body and as amended from time to time.

First criterion

Applicants for whom this is the nearest ordinary high school to their actual place of residence. That means the shortest distance by public road from the applicant’s home to the nearest entrance to the school grounds, and this distance should be shorter than the corresponding distance to any other ordinary high school.

Second criterion

Applicants for whom this is not the nearest ordinary high school to their home but who qualify for niche market acceptance, e.g. with proven aptitude for one or more of Music/Art/general academic excellence/sporting excellence.

Third criterion

Applicants for whom this is not the nearest high school. Preference will be given to applicants whose primary school record shows sound academic ability and strong participation in other school activities or wholesome outside activities, and whose continued participation during the high school years would be to the mutual benefit of the student and the rich fabric of school life at Bergvliet.