Music Fees and Hiring of Instruments

In Grades 8 and 9 learners who audition and are selected for the Specialised Music class are charged a fee for Music. The reason that these additional fees are charged is that as Music is NOT an official subject in the Senior Phase GET (Grade 7-9). The school, therefore, has to employ and pay for additional music teachers to provide one-on-one teaching.

The cost, however, is heavily subsidised by the school. The annual fee for Music is R8100 – which breaks down to R2025 per term, R675 per month and with 6 lessons per month, a cost of R112.50 per lesson, which is well below the going rate for a private music lesson.

Music fees are also charged on an annual basis in advance. Please note that, if Music fees are not paid promptly, your child will not be allowed to continue with Music with immediate effect.

Learners whose parents/legal guardians apply for exemption will not be permitted to do music in Grade 8 and 9, as it is a specialised subject requiring contract music educators who need to be paid. Learners will do the statutory Creative Arts curriculum.

Learners are allowed to hire a school instrument for a maximum of two years. This arrangement is to encourage music at our school and to enable parents/legal guardians to budget for an instrument of their own. The current hiring fee is R2900 per annum, inclusive of insurance.

Insurance of the instruments is essential as they are very valuable items. The school’s instruments are covered under the All Risks section of the school’s insurance policy but the cost of insuring an instrument has to be borne by the parents/legal guardians of the student hiring that instrument. The premium does not include the first amount payable (“excess”) in the event of a claim (10% of a claim or R500, whichever is the greater). This, too, would be have to be paid by the parents/legal guardians of the learner if the instrument is lost, stolen or damaged.

School Music fee statements are issued for the 10 months from February to November.

If a learner selects Music as an Elective subject in Grade 10, there is no additional Music fee levied. All learners who take Music from Grade 10 are expected to have their own musical instrument.