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Well done to the class of 2019!

Dear Parents, Staff and Members of the SGB:

We are delighted to announce that the Matric Class of 2018 achieved wonderful results in the 2018 National Senior Certificate examinations. Their achievements have once again demonstrated the proud Bergvliet High fighting spirit when it comes to academic excellence and we are extremely pleased with the final results. We congratulate our candidates on their overall performance in the final examinations. Below is a summary of the 2018 National Senior Certificate Results:

185 candidates wrote the NSC:

  • We achieved a 98.9% pass rate (183 pupils passed)
  • 82.7% (153) of our pupils qualified for entrance to Bachelor’s Degrees
  • 14.1% (26) of our pupils achieved a Diploma pass
  • 16 pupils achieved overall passes with aggregates over 80%
  • 14 pupils achieved overall passes with aggregates over 75%
  • The 185 candidates achieved 196 subject distinctions across all subjects

Of the 185 candidates:

  • Sean Petersen and Yaseen-Ali Rawoot achieved 7 subject distinctions
  • Jessica Vaughan, Anneke Marx, Rhone Roux and Erin Scholtz achieved 6 subject distinctions
  • Jessica Wessels, Iman Kherekar, Hannah Roux, Nina Roux, Chaeeun Park and Luke Lenz achieved 5 subject distinctions

The TOP 20 pupils are listed as follows: 

I would like to thank the grade team, headed by Mr Graham James and assisted by Ms Belinda Jorge and Ms Sian Petrie, for their leadership of the Class of 2018 and all the Bergvliet High staff for their professional and dedicated teaching and guidance which made these results possible. Mr Ross Cohen, as head of Academics, kept his finger on the pulse of the myriad of regulations and his ‘behind the scenes’ management was exemplary. Further evidence that at Bergvliet High School we offer a world class education that empowers our pupils to find their place as meaningful citizens in both the South African and global economies. We are very proud of these results and it reflects on the truly talented teachers who work at Bergvliet High as well as the outstanding pupils who attend the School.

Bergvliet High School as a community school has done exceptionally in these exams both at the top and the bottom end and this is cause for celebration. All credit to the staff who have gone the extra mile time and time again when it felt like it was not possible to do so and to the pupils who displayed the pride they have in their results and their School. Class of 2018 – a job well done!!
We look forward to even better results from the Class of 2019. 

Kind regards
Stephen Price