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The SGB of Bergvliet High is pleased to announce new Principal of Bergvliet High

The SGB of Bergvliet High is pleased to announce that Mrs Patricia Demas, current Deputy Principal of Bergvliet High, has been appointed as Principal of Bergvliet High with effect from 1 April 2023. She takes over from Mr Stephen Price who will leave the School on retirement at the end of March.

After completing her Higher Diploma in Education in 1988, she then took up her first teaching post at Spine Road High School in 1989. She remained at Spine Road for 8 years before moving to Plumstead High at the beginning of 1997. She spent the next 10 years teaching at Plumstead High and fulfilled a number of middle management leadership roles there, before her next move to Bergvliet High in 2007. Within 4 years, she was appointed Deputy Principal, a role in which she has served for 12 years, during which time she has gained extensive experience in school management and proven herself to be an extremely capable leader. Not one to rest on her laurels, she has studied school management and leadership extensively over the years. She is currently busy with a 2 year course on Instructional Leadership at UCT.

Mrs Demas currently serves on the South African Principal’s Association (SAPA) Executive and, within the School, she serves on the Senior Leadership Team, the SGB and various SGB subcommittee’s, notably the Finance sub-committee.

Mrs Demas is well-versed in the Bergvliet High way of doing things but she will definitely bring her innovative flair to the position. She is passionate about entrepreneurial education. School discipline is important to her, she is courageous and committed to making Bergvliet High better than ever.

Mrs Demas is married to Errol and her two children, Laura and Daniel, both of whom matriculated from Bergvliet High. Laura is married and an entrepreneur in her own right, whilst Daniel graduates from Stellenbosch in the next day or so.

The SGB is committed to the School’s vision of delivering a world class education to our learners in order for them to become global citizens, and in doing so, the SGB is confident that Mrs Demas will fly the Bergvliet flag high.

Congratulations to Mrs Demas!! You become the 7th Principal of Bergvliet High, the 1st female Principal and the 1st person of colour to hold this position. We know that your family must be as proud of you as we are.