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Representative Council of Learners Elect for 2024

Bergvliet High School is proud to announce that the following learners have been elected to serve on the Representative Council of Learners (RCL) for 2024.

Back (L-R): Malakhi Marney, Levi Solomons, Juno Judd, Kaydin Adams, Tahnah Abrahams, Tristan Fortune, Samuel Graham.

Front (L-R): Skyler Swartz, Mrs Murphy, Emily Mentor (Secretary), Sufiyaan Nordien (Chairperson), Kgothatso Mkonwana (Chairperson), Taisei Saito (Co-opted: Assistant Secretary), Mrs Barnwell, Anel Snyman.


As an elected member of the Bergvliet High School Representative Council of Learners, I hereby pledge my support to the task of promoting good relations amongst learners, between learners and educators, and between the school and the Bergvliet community as a whole. I vow to represent the interests of all my fellow learners to the best of my ability.

I strive to set a positive example of discipline, loyalty, respect, academic thoroughness, morality and active participation. Through this, I aim to promote responsibility, leadership and an ethos of learning and I vow to uphold and refine our school’s traditions.

Congratulations and very well done!

Thank you to the outgoing RCL for their service to the school in 2023.