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National Woman’s Day 2019

National Women’s Day

Today I would like to pay tribute to the women of Bergvliet High.
As you browse through the school magazines of Bergvliet High School there is no doubting the immense role women have played in the life of the School. Legendary teachers such as Sue Harsant, Veronica Spengler, Lesley Watson, Iona Gilmore, Brenda Gibson….so too women in administration like Denise Hougham and Lynn Glen-Young….to name but a few. I am sure some of our long serving staff could mention other women who helped determine our school’s journey

I acknowledge the immense contribution of these ladies and others of their generation.

I similarly acknowledge the contribution of our current women…. in the classroom, in administration and extramurally. I acknowledge the sacrifices you have made in making this contribution – many times at the expense of your own family and relationships. I acknowledge that you work in stressful times, for long hours, with little reward other than the satisfaction of a job well done.

I thank you for your compassion, your empathy, your common sense, your gentleness. I thank you that you care, for coming alongside learners and colleagues in times of need.

I thank you for the lifelong commitment that some have given to education in general and Bergvliet in particular.

I thank you for your discernment and your prayers. I acknowledge that sometimes we take you for granted but hope that today will change that.

I thank you for sharing with us your laughter and tears, your hopes and fears, your strength and grace.

I acknowledge that without you Bergvliet High would be the poorer. I thank you for brightening up our days.

May God bless you today and always.
Stephen Price