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Matric Results – Class of 2022

IT’S OFFICIAL……The Class of 2022 has broken all records to achieve the best matric results ever recorded at Bergvliet High School. 207 learners out of 209 passed the NSC exams scoring a 99% pass rate….placing us in the Top 30 of schools with more than 100 learners in the Western Cape. This is an incredible achievement. The 2 learners who did not quite make it, missed out marginally by 3% and 5% respectively. The School will continue to support them as they prepare for their mid-year supplementary exams.

The HIGHEST number of learners ever, 181, achieved Bachelors passes, which is also the highest number of Bachelors passes of all the Southern Suburbs schools.

22 learners achieved Diploma passes and 4 passed with a Higher Certificate. All in all, 207 learners have the opportunity to follow a tertiary education.

Micah Retief (Yeshua), with 87.29% and 7 distinctions, came first in the grade, closely followed by Tamia Carelse (John Graham) with 85%, also with 7 distinctions. Summer Montgomery (Square Hill) placed third with 83% and 5 distinctions. Zainab Davis (Bergvliet Primary), Jodie Lurie (Sweet Valley), Erin Dantu (Bergvliet Primary), Shalom Kasongo Ndaya (St Anthony’s), Kerryn Stanley (Kirstenhof), Caitlin Woldu (Westcott) and Erin English (Bergvliet Primary) made up the Top 10. The following learners completed the Top 20, namely, Nicole Meyer (Timour Hall), Aimee Lourens (Kirstenhof), Aviwe Macutwana (Rondebosch East Primary), Chloe Van der Westhuizen (Bergvliet Primary), Grace Drew (Westcott), Simone Scheepers (Timour Hall) , Caitlyn Thomas (Teneo), Jenna-Leigh Fortuin (Muizenberg Jnr), Tiana Wessels (Muizenberg Jnr), Katia Bashimbe (Timour Hall), Seth Moodley (Timour Hall) and Kyle Simpson (Bergvliet Primary).

An increased number of Subject A’s was also achieved, with 14 subjects producing more A’s than last year. All the various quality indicators have shown a positive trend in these exams. It should be noted that Dance Studies and Dramatic Arts had their first matric classes complete the NSC exams, with both subjects achieving averages over 70%, and producing 1 and 3 distinctions respectively. Congratulations to Mrs Vossgatter and Mr Van Zyl on their first matric classes.

I acknowledge the staff of the primary schools who too contributed to the success of these learners. They laid the foundation on which we built and deserve our thanks.

Allow me to acknowledge my Staff…..what an incredible day….the matric results are the BEST in years….and it has been a monumental team effort….from the support of the SGB, the administrative excellence making sure we have all our admin ducks in a row, to the most incredible academic staff who continue to help our kids punch well above their weight….well done!! Many thanks go to Mr Cohen, our Deputy: Academics for keeping it all together….being one of the Top 30 schools in the Western Cape is a massive achievement. And achieving our highest number and percentage of bachelors passes will impact the lives of 181 young people forever….this is what you achieved….the gratitude of parents this morning was tangible….one parent with tears in his eyes told me that his daughter was the first of his entire family to ever complete school and she did so with a bachelors!!! Others reminded me how I gave them a chance when no other school would accept their kid. And another mom reminded me that I phoned them at 9 o clock one evening to offer them the Principal’s Academic Scholarship ….and that I had said her daughter MUST come to Bergvliet…..and Tamia rewarded us by coming 2nd with 7 distinctions….it was emotional listening to these stories….thank you staff, one and all, for making dreams come true for our kids….you are truly instrumental in improving their lives and I appreciate that more than you will know.

The combined effort of the School, the parents and the learners themselves have ensured that my last matric class produced the BEST EVER, allowing me to leave on a high. The bar has been set and I know that the new leadership team, under the experienced hand of Principal-in waiting, Mrs Demas, will take the bar higher and reach that elusive 90% Bachelors pass.

Thank you Class of 2022. Thank you staff and parents. You have made me proud and happy.

Stephen Price