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Heritage Day

Heritage Day recognizes and celebrates the cultural wealth of our nation. At Bergvliet High School, we too celebrate the many cultures that make up our school. Living heritage is the foundation of all communities and is the source of our individual and group identity. We all come from different cultures, yet our common identity is one of being uniquely South African. So too, the staff and learners, are uniquely Bergvliet High. Heritage plays an important role in developing social cohesion, reconciliation, social and economic development. At Bergvliet High we celebrate having the living treasure of real people who each contribute to the diverse living heritage at school. We believe that the preservation of our cultural differences, together with our common bond as current and past members of this school, is paramount in addressing the challenges all communities face today.

Bergvliet High is a multi-cultural space where we continue to address the challenges of transformation, diversity and inclusion in a positive and forthright way. Issues around gender, age, culture, race, religion, disability, economics, language and nationality make this school a cosmopolitan environment which we celebrate every day.