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Flags of Welcome

Once the annual intake is complete, we look at the applications of international exchange students to the school. We accept up to 10 international exchange students over and above our annual intake.

Besides the obvious benefits to the exchange students, an exchange programme exposes our learners to new languages, new cultures and makes the concept of the global village real.

One way in which we’ve decided to welcome our exchange students is to fly their national flag alongside our beautiful flag at the front of the school.

We have already incorporated over 20 languages present in our school in our library branding, as another way of acknowledging the diversity in our school.

We also used our on-site expertise to MAKE our OWN flagpoles – courtesy of our Estate Manager, Mr. Mark Fellies and our amazing maintenance team installed them.

We are flying the flags of South Africa, Germany, Japan, France and Italy at the moment. We are awaiting delivery of several other flags which will then be rotated alongside our own flag.

Welcome…Namkelile…..Welkom……Yokoso…..Willkommen…..Benevuto……Bienvenu/e to you all.

Mr. Stephen Price