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Congratulations To The Class Of 2020

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 2020 – Your resilience and endurance has paid off. Well done!

The Class of 2020 will never be forgotten……not only because they bore the brunt of the Covid pandemic in their Matric year but also because they achieved the highest percentage of Bachelors passes at Bergvliet High EVER!! 86% of the Class of 2020 are able to go to university and 99% are able to attend tertiary education. What an amazing effort!!

Charis Bedderson topped the charts with a 90,9% average and 7 distinctions, followed closely as ever by Maghjabeen Allie with 90,3% and also with 7 distinctions. Justine Williams achieved 86.6% with 6 distinctions, whilst Tara Dunn, Erin Twigg, Marques Woldu, Nicole Zeeman, Mogammad Galant, Danielle D’Alton and Chloe Daniels all achieved 5 distinctions.

They achieved over 160 subject distinctions as a grade.

One cannot underplay the incredible resilience of the entire class in achieving such an amazing result as a collective. Where the overall results of the country have gone down, Bergvliet High has maintained its standards….and even improved. This is testament to a monumental team effort. Parents, learners, staff, administration and support staff. Every single member of staff did their best to make sure that whatever disruption was thrown at the matrics, it was kept to a minimum. From general workers and housekeeping, through to the counsellors, the admin department, the academic staff, the grade team and SLT.

I am hugely proud of the Top 22, I am hugely proud of the Class of 2020. I am hugely proud of their parents. I am hugely proud of ALL my staff. Congratulations….. Each one of you shares in the success of these results. Our learners have achieved exceptional results against all the odds.

Mr. Stephen Price, Principal