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Class of 2021

The annual announcement of the matric results is always an exciting event in the school calendar, and in the lives of the young people who have written the NSC exams.

It carries tremendous significance for the various role players.

For the parents…final reward for all the sacrifices made to invest in an education for their child

For the learner….it offers the key to a sustainable future and hope to realize long held dreams

For the educators….the satisfaction of a job well done with a tinge of frustration that “if only X kid had made an effort”….sometimes even relief that their learners got through it

For the principal…. A sense of pride that all the working parts of the school and the systems he/she put in place all functioned effectively to produce a successful outcome.

For the schools PR and marketing…a thrilling (hopefully) opportunity to market the school ….the newspapers urging us to spends tens of thousands of South African “ront” to tell everyone how awesomely awesome we are. We choose not to waste our money.

On Friday we held an informal formal awards ceremony for the Class of 2021 to acknowledge the grade, individuals within the grade, parents and staff for the tremendous effort in producing another year of positive results. It was a very different event which worked pretty well I thought. A couple of tweaks here and there, and we are good to go.

So here are our results:


A 99.5% pass rate….182/183 learners passed.

148 learners achieved a bachelor’s pass

28 learners achieved a diploma pass

6 learners achieved a higher certificate We are as proud of the 6 learners who managed a higher certificate as we are of the Top 20. We know how very hard we had to work and the obstacles they had to overcome to achieve this!! It was a close call but it is extremely satisfying to send them out into the world with a chance….these kids will become great because they now know the value of hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity.

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Our pass rate placed the school in the Top 25 of state schools in the Province

1st of the state schools in the District

And 1st of the state schools in our Circuit Note: I have excluded the Private and Independent schools in the above stats, as sometimes the comparison is not always useful. For those wanting to know our placing including ALL schools, our pass rate placed us 74th (Province), 8th (District) and 2nd (Circuit)

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Benjamin Gubb (St Annes Primary) is our DUX scholar with an 87% aggregate and 7 distinctions

Meshay Singh ( Muizenberg Jnr) came second with an 85,7% aggregate and 6 distinctions

Erin Jacobs (Grassy Park High) came third with an 84,1% aggregate and 4 distinctions

Others in the top 20 are:

Emma Sanders (6 distinctions, Bergvliet Primary), Caitlin Saunders (4, Westcott Primary), Cheyenne Reid (5, Sweet Valley), Layla Slinger (4, Muizenberg), Kerry-Anne Unsworth (5, Westcott), Spencer Pointer (4, Muizenberg), Robyn Boltman (3, WGHS), Joel Davison (3, Westcott), Adrienne Meredith (3, Bergvliet Primary), Sunny Muamba (3, Square Hill Primary), Esté Booysen (2, Sweet Valley), Dylan Jacobs (4, Zwaanswyk Academy), Taahirah Roberts (4, Fairview Primary), Kirsten Bee (1, Kirstenhof), Rose Barberton (4, Westcott), Raül Hendricks (3, Tamboerskloof Primary) and Kim Barker (4, Westcott)

We are extremely proud of their achievements and we acknowledge their hard work and commitment to do their very best at all times. They too are a credit to their families and indeed to our school.

We also acknowledge the wonderful foundation that the former primary schools of these learners provided. We believe the educators of the primary schools should share the plaudits and joy in seeing their former learners achieving academic excellence. Thank you.

So there you have it….for the second year in a row, Bergvliet High has “topped” ALL the high schools in the local area in terms of pass rate. Now that we have set that standard, we are expecting to challenge the top local schools, in terms of bachelors passes, with the Class of 2022.

Stephen Price