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Art Acknowledgement

The UCT Irma Stern Museum is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year and has partnered with the WCED on a project which introduces the inspiration of Irma Stern art, to school learners in the Province.

All Grade 11 Visual art and design learners were invited to visit the museum or view the website to analyse, re-think and re-interpret the work of Irma Stern and to create an art or design piece of their own.

The artwork of 39 learners were chosen as the best representation of Irma Stern with Bergvliet High being the only school to have the work of 2 learners selected, these learners being Jamie Poggenpoel and Beah Share, with Jamie’s work chosen to be featured on the poster for the actual event.

As always, we are proud of our learners achievements and compliment them on their amazing work.

The Irma Stein museum is proud to encourage and inspire the next generation of artist and designers.

Photo: Mrs Shukla and Mr. Price along with Jamie Poggenpoel and Beah Share.