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2019 Grade 10 Blazer Ceremony

Grade 10 Blazer Ceremony 22 February.

Today we celebrate a Rite of Passage for the Grade 10s.
The wearing of our school blazer symbolizes leaving the junior phase of secondary education and the entry into the senior phase.

Grade 10s, by virtue of wearing your blazer, you will be recognised as seniors of the school. You are entering that phase of your schooling where you are preparing academically, socially and emotionally for entry into society.
Your blazer will carry a statement of your personal achievements, in the form of badges for sporting, academic and cultural successes.
It also symbolises belonging to an institution that looks to you, to carry forward the traditions and values of our school.
Grade 10s, the three years that lie ahead will be the foundation for your adult years. Prepare wisely and let it be a solid foundation.

Bergvliet’s blazer has been in existence since the school first opened its doors in 1957. The badge on your pocket symbolises our schools early beginnings.
The word Bergvliet comes from the Afrikaans for Mountain streamlet, which is a tiny stream that runs off a mountain. Our school was built in the valley of mountain streams that run off the Constantiaberg Mountains and the wavy blue lines on your badge symbolize that.
The rest of the symbols originate from the coats of arms of prominent farms that existed at the time, namely Jeffcoat and Hertzog.
Perhaps most importantly is the Latin wording beneath your badge, ‘the wise man will dominate the stars’. It is a phrase that means, with knowledge, anything is possible.

It is our wish that you Grade 10s, as seniors of the school make the most of what BHS has on offer, so that you will, one day contribute meaningfully to society.
Wear your blazers with pride and honour, respecting the traditions and values of Bergvliet High and those of your parents and teachers who want the best for you.

Mrs F Earl
Grade Head