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11 Ways Bergvliet is going GREEN….

Solar Power

We have, through the Sun Exchange, invested in a solar power plant on our north and west facing buildings. The plant has performed admirably during the cold and dark winter months and with the longer and brighter days of summer approaching, the plant will continue to increase its output.

Reduction of our Carbon Footprint

With the move to solar power we are reducing the carbon footprint of the school. In the few months since moving most of our electricity consumption to solar power, we have already prevented over 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere, which is the equivalent of having planted almost 1000 trees. (5x more than we have actually planted in 4 years)

Replacing Incandescent light bulbs with LED lighting

Over the past 18 months we have embarked on a mission to replace all incandescent and fluorescent light fittings in the school with LED lighting. This project is being undertaken in-house


Despite no longer running a full time recycling depot, we are still recycling, reusing and reducing our waste materials. Paper, cardboard, plastic and metal is being recycled in-house.

Borehole Water

We have been using borehole water for many years now but after the recent water shortages we expanded the use of borehole water into most of the flushing toilets of the school.

Rain Water Collection

In each of our garden quads we have 10 000 litre water storage tanks which harvest rain water from the buildings surrounding each quad. Each tank is then fitted with a small pump and the garden in the quad is then watered with rain water pumped directly from the water tank in the quad. We also use irrigation systems which further minimize water wastage.

Removal of Alien Trees on Campus

We are slowly ridding the school of exotic and alien pine and blue gum trees from the campus. These alien species consume a lot of ground water to the detriment of surrounding indigenous species.

Planting of Indigenous Trees

We have planted well over 200 indigenous trees of various species over the past 4 years. As they are suited to a Mediterranean climate, they are not big water consumers and are able to withstand summer drought conditions.

Water wise Gardens

Our resident gardener, Derek, has transformed our gardens into water wise gardens which are both functional and beautiful at the same time. These flowers and plants too are summer drought resistant. An added benefit of planting these indigenous plants is that we are attracting many more birds and insects, which we haven’t seen for years on the campus.

Reduction of Plastic Usage at School

The RCL and Green Club have led the way in reducing the use of single use plastics at school. They have also run awareness assemblies.

Saving the Rhino – The Power of 2000

The school raised over R30 000 which was donated to the Power of 2000 in order to purchase a 4×4 motor vehicle for the Black Mambas to assist them in the fight against rhino poaching. We were the ONLY school to contribute to this initiative. Our school badge is proudly displayed on the vehicle and it is good to know that our name is linked to the prevention of rhino poaching in the Kruger National Park and surrounds.

Mr Stephen Price

“Protecting our earth today, for our children’s tomorrow” – Anon